Going to New York State

I moved from the west to the east coast a couple of years ago, i originally lived in a state where both recreational & medicinal marijuana were legal, and with a valid identification proving I’m over twenty-one years old, I was able to shop at any of the many dispensaries. The dispensaries on the west coast are well-established, modern & carry every imaginable type of consumption method. It was severely convenient to be able to purchase whatever brand, strain or potency suited my needs. I deal with a variety of minor health problems. I sometimes suffer from migraine headaches that keep myself and others in bed for the day. I have some problems with mild arthritis in my fingers & leg cramps. I have psoriasis on my elbows & knees. I’ve found that cannabis is the ideal treatment for all of my problems. I prefer a natural plant medicine that doesn’t cause more harm than good. The combination of CBD & THC, along with the natural terpenes provided by the plant, labor to ease my multiple symptoms. I use strange consumption methods to target each problem. However, once I moved to New York State, I no longer had access to cannabis. When I first arrived, New York only allowed for medical marijuana use. I simply didn’t have time to make a doctor’s appointment & complete all of the necessary paperwork. I was starting a modern job, setting up my household & arranging for a modern bank account, driver’s license, mailing address & all of the problems of a move. I was super gleeful when I heard that New York was finally legalizing recreational weed, and unluckyly the process of dispensaries qualifying & genuinely selling recreational cannabis products has been especially slow.


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