Too much marijuana at the Las Vegas convention

There are hundreds of conventions held in Las Vegas every year, maybe even thousands, then people from all walks of life come here to hold their major industry party and trade shows; There is one identifiable part of the town where the greater conventions are held, although I don’t want to talk about those.

Those are the ones where A/C techs and sales reps meet to exchange supplier cards, and I find it boring… I like the fringe conventions, where the nerds and the geeks hang out, because Las Vegas has those, too, one nagging issue I face as a security guard at these shows is the use of cannabis.

In Las Vegas cannabis is perfectly legal, there is no issue with that, however, state and federal laws say that cannabis cannot be smoked in enclosed spaces like our convention hall. It’s great to buy cannabis in Las Vegas, however you can’t light up indoors. One of my tasks is always to make people put out their cannabis joints, or to take them outside. Periodically I even have to escort people out, which I try not to do because tourists are the lifeblood of Las Vegas, without the billions of tourism dollars that pour into the town every year, Las Vegas would be just another exhausted town in the Nevada desert, then still, the law is the law, so if there is too much cannabis being smoked I have to kick people out. In the normal, boring type of Las Vegas industry conventions there isn’t so much trouble with people smoking cannabis.

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