My HVAC guy will have a big job here

He came to my house in West Tampa first before jumping on 275 and crossing the Howard Franklin Bridge

I feel bad for the people taking on overtime work right now and don’t have a choice in the matter whatsoever. When I was a lot younger and had no other responsibilities in life beyond myself and my bills, I loved taking on overtime work because it meant more money in my pocket. I wasn’t adverse to the long hours at work during the week when I knew it would all be worth it once I go to the bar by Saturday evening. But now that I have a family, working overtime is difficult to juggle with my other responsibilities in life. If I need to drive my kids to various extracurricular activities, I can’t be at the office all night being a workhorse for my supervisors. I work a job where I know what my expectations are and that isn’t surpassed by my superiors when they know and understand my constraints at home. If they need someone to work overtime, they have a few guys and gals who are single and happy to make the extra cash. My HVAC technician was servicing my heating and cooling system the other day and said he had seven repairs to complete in Pinellas Park that day. He came to my house in West Tampa first before jumping on 275 and crossing the Howard Franklin Bridge. Now that we are firmly within the summer season, people are calling for air conditioner repairs all of the time. It’s hard for my HVAC supplier to keep up with the demand if their existing technicians are already taxed enough as it is.

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Can I use my marijuana products in a restaurant?

I knew that Denver, CO had different laws for the usage of marijuana than we had up north. Until the last five years, we didn’t even have legal, medical marijuana, but from what I understood, Denver, CO also had legal recreational marijuana. They have different parameters for recreational than they have for medical marijuana, in the amount they are allowed to purchase. II wondered if there was a difference in where you were allowed to use recreational marijuana than where you can use medical marijuana. I shouldn’t have been surprised when I found out you could use marijuana in licensed marijuana hospitality businesses, and licensed retail marijuana hospitality and sales businesses. These businesses may be located in an area where there is a retail food established. You can not use medical or recreational marijuana in those marijuana hospitality areas if it is located near a liquor-licensed establishment. We cannot use marijuana in any business that does not have a marijuana hospitality business license or a retail marijuana hospitality and sales license. I guessed it was safe to say that you were allowed to use marijuana products in your home, but don’t go out on the porch. I understand the reasoning behind where you can and can’t use marijuana, and I felt Denver, CO laws were fair. My husband thought he should be able to use his medical marijuana anywhere on his property. He thought that if we ever moved to Denver, CO; he was going to run for a local office and push to have slacker laws with marijuana. I didn’t say a word as I went to my office.


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The dispensary didn't deliver to my address

My girlfriend came to visit for a couple of days last month.

We ordered products from a marijuana dispensary in downtown denver.

I was excited to show my girlfriend how easy it was to order marijuana products. One of my favorite things about living in Denver was the ease in which we can access medical and recreational marijuana products. I was trying to convince my girlfriend to move to Denver and I was hoping marijuana was going to be one of the biggest decision factors. We ordered several different items from the Denver marijuana dispensary. My girlfriend and I were going to go to the dispensary to pick everything up, but it started raining. We decided to order items for delivery instead. The marijuana dispensary is only 7 miles away from my house, so it didn’t take very long to get the items that we ordered. Even though it was a Saturday night, it only took the marijuana delivery driver less than an hour from the time that we placed our order. I gave the guy a $10 tip. I usually only tip $5 for marijuana deliveries, but I wanted to impress my girlfriend. I don’t think of it as being fake, but adding a little icing to the top. The marijuana products from the Denver dispensary were very tasty and super potent. My girlfriend spent 5 days in Denver with me. At the end of our vacation, I suggested moving to the city. My girlfriend hesitated for a moment and I thought she was going to agree. Unfortunately, she gave me five or six reasons why it still wasn’t a very good idea.


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I like to ride my bike down Ventura Blvd with a cannabis vape pen in my hand

Ever since I moved to Southern California, I have enjoyed riding my bicycle whenever I get the chance.

  • I invested in a quality road bike with multiple gears and love the feel of the open road.

The weather in Southern California is out of this world in being so mild and comfortable. You can wear shorts and t-shirts for many of the seasons during the year, but it wasn’t that way when I was living in New England for much of my life. The weather in Vermont was downright frigid by comparison. Although I still use my furnace occasionally living in Tarzana, it’s not an existential necessity like it is in Vermont. My last home in New England had a wood stove, gas furnace, and electric radiant heated flooring just to stay warm from October until April every year. Living in Tarzana near Los Angeles is a welcome change. I get out on my bicycle and ride for miles in any direction, especially the trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. One of my favorite past times is riding up and down Ventura Blvd with a cannabis vape pen in my hand. There are a lot of shops, stores, restaurants, and cannabis dispensaries on Ventura Blvd. I like to ride for miles and go east into Encino to visit a friend who lives there. The access to cannabis in the Tarzana area is unbelievable to what my friends have on the east coast of the country. I wouldn’t trade cheaper housing for subpar cannabis sold at egregious prices that no one wants to pay, regardless of their income level!


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