I didn’t realize I needed so much sunscreen.

I wanted to go to Evansville to do some sightseeing. I had read about their Hot Air Balloon rides that last for four hours. I especially wanted to go on the Ghost Tour in Old Town. I told my fiance that when we got married, I wanted to honeymoon in Evansville, IL, and he thought I was crazy. He thought I would want to go Niagara Falls, or maybe on a cruise to the Caribbean. We were getting married in October, and I wanted to go to Albuquerque. Although he thought it was a strange request, he relented and we bought the tickets. I wanted to take the balloon ride at sunrise and sunset, and we booked the tickets. I wanted the private ghost tour, so he also booked those tickets. What I didn’t think about was that Illinois was 5000 feet above sea level and almost always had sunshine. Even in October the average daytime temperature was 71 degrees. The night time dipped into the low forties, and I wanted a hotel that had excellent HVAC. I would need heat after being out all day. I still wasn’t expecting to need so much sunscreen. The first day out, I came back to the hotel with a horrible sunburn. We had the air conditioning on, and I stood in front of it for nearly two hours, and I was shivering, but the sunburn felt better. It took two days before I wanted to venture out into the sunshine again. I had the strongest sunscreen I could buy, and I was wearing a t-shirt that kept my back and shoulders covered.
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Lee’s Summit has the best escape rooms.

I had never been in an escape room before I went to Lee’s Summit, MO.

My girlfriends and I had been to a concert that took us right through Lee’s Summit on our way home.

We saw a lot of signs for things to do while there, and decided to extend our trip for an extra day. There was a shopping center that offered an escape room, and we went in. the car was hot and cramped, since there were five us, and we needed to get out. The shopping center had excellent air conditioning, and since it was nearing ninety and sultry outside, it felt amazing inside. I was wondering if we should have taken the car to a shop that offered HVAC work and have the AC checked, but they overrode me. The rest of the girls wanted to go in the shopping center. We got inside and nearly collapse with relief when the air conditioning hit us. The escape room was in the middle of the shopping center, and we decided to give it a try. It was a quick in and out for us since we all worked together, but we couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t believe Lee’s Summit, MO was an hour away from home, but we had never been here before. I made a mental note that once I had the car’s AC checked, we were coming back to Lee’s Summit, and learning more about the city. I wanted to check out Rock Island Trailhead, and Winterset Nature Area. They both looked like great places to hike and bike.

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Climate controlled venues in Tampa are great all year long

I love living in the Tampa area because I have access to so many different means of entertainment. And over the years, Tampa has built up so much and the Bay area is filled with lots of restaurants, bars, museums, and so much more. Not to mention the Riverwalk that is a huge tourist attraction, there is so much to do and see in the area. You can walk, kayak, ride a bike or scooter or hop on a ferry or a boat to enjoy the scenic views. Or grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants that overlook the Bay. My favorite place to hang out is the Sparkan Wharf, which is located next to the cruise terminal and it’s a bunch of venues housed inside shipping containers, many of which have climate control. Not only does it have a lot of outside spaces, but it is also dog friendly. And I can spend an entire day there enjoying all that it has to offer. On a nice Summer day, the outdoor areas have live music or entertainment that is fun for the entire family. And on those days when the heat and the humidity are too much to bear, there are lots of air conditioned venues to take advantage of. And of course, during the Winter months, when the weather does get a bit cooler, these places also have central heating and the ones with patios provide space heaters as well. So, Sparkan Wharf is a great place to hang out throughout the year because the venues have both heating and air conditioning for our comfort. It’s great to have these climate controlled venues in Tampa because we can enjoy the city all year long.

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Things to do in Denver when you’re alive

Many years ago, in the late 90s movie craze about hit men and crime syndicates, there was a movie called Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead.

I have to admit that the movie isn’t bad, but the title is the best thing about it.

When I started a local company to give guided tours of the city, I decided to steal the title. I hope the movie producers don’t sue me! There are so many amazing things to do in and around the Mile High City that I thought I should call my company Things To Do In Denver When You’re Alive. Most of my clients never even heard of the original movie, but I still like the name! Most of my clients are interested in the robust cannabis industry centered in Denver, which was a trailblazer in the legalization movement. I offer select tours that do nothing but visit the nicest and most exclusive cannabis dispensaries in Denver. Other tours are more family-friendly, and include the ski slopes around Denver, and our many museums and cultural centers. Denver is a diverse city, with a diverse population, so there is always a lot to do even if you aren’t interested in cannabis. My most popular tour is for adults only, and takes the clients to three different local breweries, and ends at a small cannabis dispensary on the bluffs overlooking Denver. This provides my clients with some drinks, some killer cannabis, and the most breathtaking view of Denver they have ever seen. The next time you come to Denver, look me up and I will hook you up!
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