In the summer, I find different ways to cool off

Visiting Lion Country Safari is one of my favorite pastimes.

Nearby to my home in Royal Palm Beach is a drive-through safari.

In addition to water parks, petting zoos, cafes, mini golf courses, and a variety of other attractions, this enormous safari offers hundreds of animals to view. Kids will love feeding the giraffes and playing in the waterpark at this location, which is great for families with young children. Personally, I like it because it allows me to drive through the safari in the comfort of my air-conditioned car when it’s hot outside. And because you can get close to the animals, going on a safari is a great way to spend an hour admiring wildlife. It’s amazing that we have a location like this close to Royal Palm Beach because it’s unmatched in the neighborhood. The summers can be quite hot in this part of Florida, and while we have the beaches to cool off on a hot day, it’s nice to have other places that provide some relief from the sweltering weather outside. To be completely honest, if there were no places where we could escape the heat, I would probably stay inside my house enjoying the air conditioning. And I’d be perfectly fine with doing that. In fact, on the hottest days, I will occasionally wait until the evening hours when the weather begins to cool off before leaving my house in the air conditioning. Although I adore my home city of Royal Palm Beach, I’m not sure how much I would still adore it if there were no places to cool off in the summer.

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Carrier Air Conditioning hired my son

I’m overjoyed that my son Jaxson was able to secure employment with Carrier, the leading manufacturer of air conditioners in the nation, one of the most reliable businesses in our region.

Since the early 1900s, Carrier has been in business, and it will continue to do so for as long as people need homes with air conditioning. The business invented residential air conditioners first, and more than a century later, it is still the market leader in the heating and cooling sector. Due to the company’s history of consistently producing high-quality goods, it has actually held the top spot among consumers and data specialists. Our home in Royal Palm Beach, Florida is about 20 miles away from the business. Jaxson is still residing with me and his father since this is his first job. He plans to work for a year and save his money in order to eventually purchase his own home. Because there are so many wealthy neighborhoods nearby, the homes in this area are really expensive. The cost of homes in Royal Palm Beach also depends on how close they are to the beach. However, since Jaxson is now employed at the Carrier corporate office, I am not concerned about him finding a home. He is a staff accountant, which means he makes a lot of money and gets a lot of perks from the business. I’m not sure, though, if he will get any discounts on their parts and goods for air conditioners. Since we have a Carrier air conditioner in our home, that would be the greatest benefit.



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Why does the movie theater's air conditioning feel so cold?

Naturally, I was unhappy with the air conditioning the entire time, and when my husband inquired about it with a member of staff, they informed him that there was nothing they could do about it

We have a movie theater here in Royal Palm Beach, where I reside. A good-sized movie theater, the Regal Royal Palm Beach is one of my favorites because it is never overly crowded. We enjoy going to check out all the new releases there, especially with my husband. In particular, we can completely lose ourselves in the experience of watching an action movie. Of course, I get all the delicious treats, including popcorn, candy, nachos, and a huge soda. We’ll watch the movie together while I stuff myself silly with all our treats. The movie theater is always cold, so whenever I go, I usually pack a sweater or jacket. It always seems as though the air conditioning is turned all the way down. There must be a reason why the theater is always so cold; I’m not sure what the thermostat is set to. I completely neglected to bring my sweater the last time we went to Regal. I naturally froze throughout the entire movie because of this. It was made worse by the empty theater. I had the sensation of being in an ice box. Naturally, I was unhappy with the air conditioning the entire time, and when my husband inquired about it with a member of staff, they informed him that there was nothing they could do about it. It appears that air conditioning is required by law for movie theaters, which makes sense given that such a large number of people cannot be accommodated in an enclosed space for more than two to three hours. But to make it more comfortable, I wish the A/C could be turned up or down. In either case, I’ll never forget to bring my sweater from home again.


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I no longer relish working out in an air-conditioned space

I had to come up with ways to pass the time during the pandemic when everything was shut down.

I visited numerous outdoor events.

Fortunately, the ocean is close by because I live in Royal Palm Beach, which is only 20 minutes away. I started visiting different parks in my neighborhood in addition to the beach. This is due to the fact that I had to find another gym to use while mine was closed for a few weeks. The gym’s closure turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I decided to stop going there because I preferred being in the park outside. Although the gym has air conditioning, it’s much preferable to get some fresh air outside. Additionally, I won’t have to worry about waiting for any equipment at the park or spending too much time using a machine. This means there are no restrictions at the park, so I can exercise whenever I want. And to be completely honest, I don’t mind being without air conditioning. In the cooler hours of the day, either in the morning or the evening, I work out. As a result, I never get hot while exercising, so the lack of air conditioning doesn’t bother me. Not to mention that the gym’s air conditioning was consistently very cold. It was probably because the air conditioning removed the odor from the air, I suppose. However, working out in the air conditioning doesn’t aid in the release of toxins from the body because my body doesn’t sweat when the gym is too cold. Overall, I am working out more effectively in the parks, and fortunately, the weather is great here in Royal Palm Beach.

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