The small batch cannabis of Eugene OR

I grew up on the Oregon coast.

When I say that I was “on the coast” I mean that I could see the ocean from my bedroom window.

Walking down to the beach was just a little farther than walking down to the mailbox! I had no idea how good I had it back then, because there was literally an amazing wild world of logging trails and surfable tides for me to enjoy. I am older now, but I still call Oregon my home. I live in Eugene, OR now, and if I’m being honest with you I doubt I will ever leave. The lush woods surrounding Eugene are infinitely amazing, and I still spend part of every weekend exploring them. Eugene is great for more than one type of “trees” though, because our cannabis dispensaries are among the finest in the world. In all my exploring through the woods, over all these months and years, I can tell you that I have stumbled across cannabis fields more than once! I can’t say that they are “all over” but the deep woods do offer a solitude that is necessary for a small-scale cannabis grow. Once I actually saw signs warning me of a nearby cannabis farm, helpfully saying I might be shot if I kept walking. That made for a fun Instagram selfie! There are a lot of cannabis dispensaries in Eugene and the surrounding area, and all of that high grade product has to come from somewhere. Like whiskey, the best medical cannabis is small batch and homemade.
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It’s easier to adjust to life in Illinois with radiant heated flooring in every room

My husband and I met in college along the Gulf Coast in the deep south.

He was from Gary, Illinois while I was raised in various cities along the Florida-Georgia borderline.

I never considered possibly moving up north with him if we got married and he needed to relocate to help his family. Unfortunately, that’s the exact situation I was posed with about a year after we had tied the knot. His father broke his back a few months after his mother broke her hip. It was me who suggested we move after he stressed over asking me for days. I wanted to support him in any way I possibly could, even if that meant moving to the northern midwest in a climate that I knew would feel insurmountable to me. The first winter season in Illinois was absolutely dreadful. On the one hand I was happy about all of the lush trees and hiking trails in Lansing, Illinois where we settled, while on the other hand I struggled relentlessly with adjusting to the freezing temperatures. When the temperature outside dropped down to 15 degrees below zero one night during my first winter in Lansing, I thought that I was going to freeze to death. Adjusting to this new climate has gotten a little bit easier this year after my husband and I made the joint decision to buy and install radiant heated flooring throughout the entire house. Having radiant heated flooring also means zone-controlled heating in every room of the house. We can activate specific zones and areas independently of one another, with thermostats in every room. Although living in Lansing, Illinois is cold compared to my home along the Gulf Coast, the radiant heated flooring in our house makes the cold weather bearable for me.

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The beaches of Santa Barbara are really stunning

We had private access to the beach from our Santa Barbara Hotel

Santa Barbara is a city located on the west coast in the state of California. The city is just west of the Santa Ynez mountains. The city is a large destination for tourists. The city has a very warm climate during the summer. During the winter months, Santa Barbara is one of the nicest cities in the state. Last winter my wife and I decided to go to the beaches in Santa Barbara. We stayed at a resort near Shoreline Park. My wife and I visited a couple of places in Santa Barbara while we were there. One of those places was the Old Mission. This 18th century Spanish mission is filled with artifacts and art from the time period. Before my wife and I went to the Old Mission, we decided to smoke a marijuana joint. Marijuana is legal for use in the entire State of California. Santa Barbara only had one dispensary, but a short Drive South would have yielded cheaper products and more selection. My wife and I smoked a marijuana joint before going to the mission. We were almost transformed back to the time period. After we were finished in the mission, we went to the beach for a couple of hours. We had private access to the beach from our Santa Barbara Hotel. It was too cold to swim in the water, but we took a lot of pictures when the sun was coming up in the morning. The view from the beach was really stunning and breathtaking. Our trip to the coast was a lot of fun and very relaxing.
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The Denver field trip could have been better

I decided to accompany my son on a field trip to the city of Denver.

We live in Boulder, but that is very close to Denver.

The school planned a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It is a huge building with thousands of collections and historical artifacts. While we were at the Museum, we saw a show at the gates planetarium. All of the students were seated in the building at the same time and we saw a 3D show about the galaxy and our solar system. The field trip was going well until we went to the Planetarium. There were several other people inside the building with the students. A group of adults were seated a few reow behind our group and they were being rowdy and loud. Someone was also smoking marijuana in the building. They might not have been burning a joint, but I could smell marijuana a few rows behind us. It’s difficult to police marijuana use around the city, especially since Denver has legalized recreational and medical marijuana. I don’t think that is the type of product that should be used around kids. After the show, I complained to the event coordinator about the foul odor. She promised to check the security cameras, but I doubt they will apprehend the subject. I don’t think they cared much after we left the building and the show was over. The view on marijuan has changed since it was legalized. Nobody thinks it is a problem anymore, but I think it’s out of control.

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