I am nervous about my HVAC system going out

Power outages are a fairly common occurrence in Glenview, Illinois.

The inclement weather brings high winds, freezing rain, excessive humidity, feet of snow, torrential downpours and every imaginable climate concern.

A disruption in power leaves us without running water, lights, refrigeration, sump pump, dehumidifier, furnace and air conditioner. We can’t take a shower, flush the toilets, watch television, use the internet or adjust the indoor temperature. In the spring, when there’s thunderstorms and snowmelt, the basement can potentially flood because we can’t run the sump pump. In the summer, when the temperature soars into the eighties and we’re left without air conditioning, the house becomes so hot and sticky that it’s impossible to sleep. There’s concerns over mold and mildew growth. The worst problem is the sub zero temperature of winter. If we can’t run the furnace, we can’t remain in the house very long. There’s the potential for water pipes to freeze and burst. Being without power for a few hours is aggravating. Losing power for several days is expensive and dangerous. I finally invested in a standby generator. The generator is permanently installed outside of the house, senses any interruption in power and automatically takes over. It runs on natural gas so it operates as long as necessary with no need for refueling. The generator is powerful enough to supply electricity to all of our essential systems, electronics and appliances. We’re able to go on with our regular lives when there is a power outage. We avoid costly damage to the home, discomfort, safety risks and inconvenience. Although the generator was rather expensive, it was definitely a worthwhile investment.

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Exploring all the ways to smoke cannabis

It took me a while to get confident enough with cannabis to try concentrates.

When the most desired compounds are extracted from the extra plant matter, concentrates are created.

Because of this, they are especially rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. They tend to offer incredibly high THC levels. While concentrates can be rather expensive, a little goes a long way. When they are stored properly, they provide a long shelf-life. Shopping the cannabis dispensaries in Chicago, I have access to every imaginable type of concentrate. Most of them are named for their unique texture, such as budder, shatter, rosin, diamonds, sauce and hash. For an easy consumption method, concentrates can be vaped. I can buy a disposable or refillable cart that requires nothing more than a press of a button. Several of the local dispensaries include vape lounges that are a great place to relax and socialize. However, I really wanted to dry dabbing. Dabs are a bit more complicated and definitely not for the cannabis newbie. The one dispensary offers a dab bar where I was able to rent the e-nail and necessary gear. Plus, the budtenders were really helpful in guiding me through the process. A small amount of concentrated cannabis oil is dropped onto a hot surface and vaporized to provide especially potent flavor and effects. The level of terpenes was absolutely amazing, because the concentrate is so pure. Dabbing is actually cleaner than most other consumption options since the concentrates are free of harmful carcinogens. The Chicago dispensary where I shop provides concentrates that are totally free from pesticides, lab tested and consistent.

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If you find yourself in Las Vegas, look me up.

I realized why it was called a cannabis café.

Last summer, I headed to Las Vegas, NV, with several of my friends. My oldest friend Sally had gone to college in Las Vegas, and she wanted to go back for their 10th year reunion. It surprised me when she invited Annie and me to go along with her. We knew we couldn’t go to the class reunion, but we were all going to share the cost of the room. While she was at the reunion, Annie and I took off to check out the casinos. The first thing Annie and I found was a recreational marijuana dispensary. We both felt like little kids and clapped our hands. We both picked out some marijuana infused snacks to take back to the room. On our way out, we noticed there was a cannabis café about a block away from where we were. It was hard to mistake the café, because of all the people who were sitting outside on the sidewalk at small tables and chairs. We hadn’t had lunch, so we checked it out. Instead of eating food, we tried the cupcakes. I had a cup of coffee, and she had a glass of milk to go with her cupcake. We were on our way back to the hotel with our marijuana goodies when the coffee and cupcake hit me. I realized why it was called a cannabis café. They infused everything they sold with marijuana. I looked at Annie and told her I didn’t think I was going home, and if she ever found yourself in Las Vegas again, she should look me up. Two weeks after we got home, Annie and I were packing everything we owned and moving to Las Vegas, NV. We were going to open our own cannabis café.

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Eugene, Oregon has a lot of nicknames

If you are into recreational cannabis, never fear

Eugene, Oregon is a place with a lot of nicknames. I guess it is known for people who are very passionate about whatever it might be that they are doing. Eugene is known as the city where everyone goes running, because it’s full of track stars and running trails. There are running trails everywhere in Eugene, Oregon, and it’s really a great place to visit if you are a runner, hiker, biker, kayaker, or general nature lover. Eugene is sometimes called TrackTown because of the way it supports its athletes. It’s known as Silicon Shire for the way that it fosters leadership in the technology industry. If you’re looking for a job in the tech industry, you should check out Eugene, since it’s also a great place to live and to raise a family along with growing a career. It’s also a great city for the arts and the outdoors. Eugene is the perfect place to go and experience the arts in every season. There are plenty of venues for live music, and you’ll hear street musicians and local singers throughout the city. There are museums all over the place, not to mention that there are art studios and galleries where you can check things out at any time of day or night. If you are into recreational cannabis, never fear. There are several high quality recreational cannabis dispensaries in Eugene, where cannabis is embraced as part of the local culture and people expect you to use it whenever you need it. Most people will love Eugene, Oregon if they just give it a chance.
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