The moderate summer is great

I am sure they were significantly higher than most.

My family & I traveled to Tampa Bay, FL every Summer when I was a kid, but i remember going to Tampa For the first time when I was around 10 years old, however my family & I rented boats while in the Summer & both of us kayaked all over the Tampa Bay, the people I was with and I went to the beach & both of us also visited many freshwater Springs! One of the Springs even had real mermaids in the water. I looked at the pictures from our Summer vacation every year & I wanted to return when I was an adult. When it came time to look at schools, I decided to apply to a couple of schools in the Tampa Bay area. I was accepted to the University of Tampa. I moved to the city before school started, so I could meet my classmates & get used to the campus. The moderate & humid un-even temperatures were more than I could handle. I did not remember the heat & humidity being so bad, however living in the city full-time was a lot bizarre then a weeklong vacation. I ran the A/C every single day when I was in the dorm. Thankfully, I did not have to pay any of the air-conditioning bills. I am sure they were significantly higher than most. I did not have a roommate while in the first year, & I did not have to listen to anyone complain about the indoor un-even temperatures. That first Summer I spent in Tampa was a nightmare & not one of the best memories I have from school. It took some time to get used to the heat & humidity. It’s still humid in Winter time & it never gets cold.


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I knew that was a very bold choice

That is the first time that the people I was with and I have had snow so early

My family and I moved to Denver many years ago, however my partner took a task as a ski professor at one of the resorts just outside of Denver! Gary was on the olympic ski jumping team. He is known around the world and the ski task came with some awesome perks, and all of us get to use the resort anytime the people I was with and I want for half price! I was still going to college when the people I was with and I moved to Denver, however I have since finished and acquired our teaching degree, but during the college year, I labor as a middle college math mentor. I love the task a lot and it’s fun to interact with the students, however teaching has consistently been a passion of mine. The college year is longest while in the Winter months, when it can be exceptionally cold and cold. All of us have ice on the ground for many months and periodically it snows Before Christmas, then last year the people I was with and I had snow on the first morning of fall. The traffic in downtown Denver was a nightmare and I had trouble getting to the classroom. About an second after I arrived, the college board decided to shut down the college and have an early dismissal. That is the first time that the people I was with and I have had snow so early. It often snows in the mountainous region above Denver, CO, however this is the first time in a long time that the people I was with and I had snow in the middle of November. I never thought I would be able to get used to the cold Winter and snow, however it definitely helps to have a powerful furnace.

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I couldn't believe the weather here

The average summer time hot plus cold temperatures in Denver are around 85 degrees, but even though the town is high in altitude, the summer time seasonal hot plus cold temperatures are still mild plus warm.

Denver is truly known for its Winter time weather.

There is a lot of snowfall, ice, plus cold rain. Denver has a number of ski resorts. Most of the resorts are located on the outskirts of town near the mountain ranges. During the Winter time weeks, Denver is often filled with tourists that are going to see the ski resorts. There are less tourists in Denver during the summer, but the summer time weather is my favorite. My kids plus I do not mind leaving the windows open plus turning off the air conditioning. The two of us live close to the park plus the smell of fresh trees fills the air. During the Springtime plus summer time weeks, I like outdoor activities that have my family plus I spending time in nature. Denver has a ton of outdoor parks that are free to visit plus they have activities such as swimming, canoeing, plus picnicking. Last weekend the kids plus I decided to go for a hike. The two of us packed several bottles of water plus a quart tote of trail mix. The two of us left the automobile in the parking lot of the park. By the time we got back, it was almost 90 degrees outside. The two of us did not leave any of the windows open, so it was honestly hot inside of the car. The two of us had you sit with the doors open for several hours before I decided to turn on the automobile plus start the air conditioning.


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The two of us spent all afternoon at the St, then lawrence market

The St.

Lawrence Market is undoubtedly 1 of the biggest attractions in the town of Toronto, it’s easy to spend all afternoon shopping, however there’s also a lot of neat attractions & cool architecture. The locals & tourists correctly shop at the St. Lawrence Market for a number of items. There are dozens of weird food stalls, selling cuisines savor Mexican, Chinese, Korean, American, & Italian, however my bestie & I go to the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto every weekend. The two of us shop for produce, cheeses, meats, jams & jellies; On our way into Toronto last week, my bestie & I passed by a brand current cannabis dispensary. The two of us regularly drive the same way to Toronto & I never observed that yellow marijuana leaf on the side of the building. That is a universal sign for a cannabis dispensary… Even though we spent all afternoon at the market, my bestie & I decided to stop at the shop after we were finished in Toronto. The cannabis dispensary had only been open for a month & everything inside of the shop was on sale. My bestie & I picked out a couple of weird items from the cannabis dispensary, and after we left the dispensary, we had an entire back seat filled with items that we picked up that afternoon. The two of us spent plenty of money shopping that afternoon, but we got a ton of great deals that afternoon. The two of us picked up a several year aged pale white cheddar made from goat’s milk & a jam made from fresh berries that were picked Last week. They are both yummy with a bottle of red wine & a sleeve of water crackers.

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