Rocklin is known for great dining and shopping

I had to leave in the middle of the job.

Rocklin is one of the best places to live in Placer county. The city of Rocklin is located in the southern part of the county near the junction of the interstate between 80 and 65. Located just 20 miles from Sacramento, Rocklin has a great economy filled with retail outlets, restaurants, small businesses, and high-end auto dealerships. The Rocklin school district has 13 different elementary schools. One of my children attends one of these schools. I received a phone call from the teacher at the school. My son was in trouble and I had to pick him up immediately from school. Apparently he was in a fight with another student. I was working on a commercial AC repair at the time. I wasn’t anywhere close to the location of the school. I was just outside of Rocklin working on the commercial AC repair. I tried to call my wife a couple of times, but I did not get any answer on the phone. The school called me two times while I was working on the commercial AC repair. They were not going to let me leave my son at the school all day and pick him up later. I had to leave in the middle of the job. My boss was very unhappy about the circumstances. I took my son home and went back to finish the commercial AC repair. Later that evening, we talked about everything that happened at school that day. I got the full story from the teacher and the principal and then I got my son’s side of the story as well.


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The weather puts the furnace on my mind

The winter months in Elgin, Illinois are often very cold.

Between December and April, the average temperatures are below freezing. We frequently get snow in Elgin, and it makes traveling to the city a huge pain. I am lucky to have a job with flexible hours. If the roads are bad in the morning, I can go to the office later during the day. Last year we had almost 30 inches of snow. Half of that total came during one particular storm. It started snowing on a Saturday morning and it did not stop snowing until Sunday night. There was snow all over the roads, trees, benches, cars, and buildings. I was happy to have a good working furnace for those cold nights. When the weather was starting to get colder, tuning of the furnace was one of the first things on my mind. I wanted to make sure that all of the mechanical and electrical components on the furnace were ready and working properly. We didn’t have any problems with the furnace last year even when the temperatures were in the single digits for an entire week. The house was warm and cozy even when the weather outside was cold and frigid. I had a full service tune up performed on the furnace this year by an Elgin heating contractor. The guy looked at every single part of the heating system. He changed the furnace filter and checked the connections from the gas to the furnace. He also checked the carbon monoxide detectors and the fire alarm. It really was a full service tune-up.


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A cannabis dispensary moved next door to me

I found myself a nice up and coming apartment complex in the city of Portland.

  • I am right in the hustle and bustle of everything.

There are shops, bars and restaurants all nearby me. There is plenty to do within walking distance. I was really excited that right next to my apartment complex I noticed some building going on. What was going to be built? I was hopeful for a grocery store or perhaps a bank. I wanted something practical that I would use the services often. Well it ended up being a cannabis dispensary. Recreational weed is legal in Portland Oregon. That means there are tons of dispensaries around. Everyone in the apartment complex was really excited when a recreational weed shop was right next door. There is no need for cannabis delivery or curbside pick up. You can easily just walk over to the dispensary, get what you need and be on your way. I wasn’t a big time cannabis user. I was really bummed that instead of having easy grocery access, I can get a pot brownie or a vape. Well now I have gotten more into weed. Obviously I had to since it is so close. I have found that weed can really solve a lot of issues. Sore muscles? Consider a topic. Anxiety relief with cannabis flower. A tincture can help a person sleep. There are so many products to choose from. So technically it is like I live next door to a pharmacy. I have a lot of practical, medical assistance right nearby. That is really nice to have.


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You have to see Las Vegas once

I had always wanted to go to Las Vegas.

I am not a big partier by any means. I also don’t like to gamble either. It is one of those things you have to see though. I really just wanted to step foot in different casinos to experience it. I wanted to watch the Bellagio fountains and see all the nightlife lights. I wanted to walk around in the evening and watch people. I had a really good time in Las Vegas not doing the typical stuff. I booked a helicopter tour over the city and that was just gorgeous. Seeing everything lit up at night and from high in the air was amazing. I learned about the history of the city during that tour as well. Walking around was probably the best part of my trip. I was able to shop at some really cool stores and I had the best steak of my life there. I discovered that picking up some cannabis is quite easy too. I was never a big time cannabis user back home, however that might have been due to my state only allowing for medical weed. Having access to recreational weed right then and there changed my opinion. I suddenly felt interested in picking up some cannabis gummies, chocolates and mints for the road. It made shopping a lot more fun being high for it. I can admit to that. I would highly recommend traveling to Las Vegas. You have to see it. Even if you aren’t a gambler, there is going to be something that you enjoy.


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