You won’t get in a ton of trouble smoking marijuana in public in the city of Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Police might give you a ticket if they bust you for being negligent with cannabis in public, but that’s usually if they get a complaint or you’re smoking a joint in plain view of an officer of the law

After I left Washtenaw County to live in the southern United States for a few years, people never believed me about the progressive stance towards marijuana back home. Forget about the current legal status of recreational marijuana in Michigan, it has been decriminalized in my hometown of Ann Arbor since the early 1970s. In the south you could get arrested if a cop found a single roach or weed seed in your car. I had a friend of mine who had a perfect score on his SAT and yet got expelled from high school just a few months before graduation after something tragic occurred with a stray cannabis seed in his car. A cop was looking through his driver side window at a can of soda in his cup holder after initially mistaking it for beer. However, he looked closer and saw a seed sitting next to a stray Bic lighter and that was all the probable cause that he needed to initiate a search of the vehicle. Even though my friend didn’t have weed with him that day or in his car at all that week, they tested the seed and then expelled him when the results came back. Ann Arbor Police might give you a ticket if they bust you for being negligent with cannabis in public, but that’s usually if they get a complaint or you’re smoking a joint in plain view of an officer of the law. Much of the time they would rather avoid cannabis calls and focus on more pressing matters at hand, like violence, theft, or sexual assault. I still couldn’t convince my friends that my hometown had a literal “pot fine” instead of an arrest-mindset.

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We bought pre-rolled joints before heading to the Huron River for a day of kayaking

It’s no surprise that kayak and canoe rentals have gone up in price as well as of late

I am quite fond of the Huron River, but I used to live in central Michigan near Grand River, the longest running river in the whole state. It cuts through the heart of both Grand Rapids and Lansing. But I tell all of my friends out of Michigan that we have some of the best fresh water in the entire world, even if you ignore the Great Lakes themselves. You can easily go out fishing for an afternoon, or kayaking through the water ways regardless of the time of day. Unfortunately, I did not have the same experience with freshwater when I was living in a state like Florida. Unlike the calm and placid nature of freshwater in Michigan, Florida’s fresh water bodies are filled to the brim with alligators and venomous water snakes. Fishing along the banks of some bodies of freshwater in Florida is downright dangerous, as you could be vulnerable to an alligator strike. Thankfully there is no concern about alligators or water moccasins while we kayak through Ann Arbor on the Huron River. This time we packed a box of pre-rolled joints that we purchased from a nearby cannabis store before we headed out for the boat ramp in Argo Park. There is a place where you can rent canoes and kayaks, but the prices have gone up over the past year along with the inflation increases in literally every other industry. It’s no surprise that kayak and canoe rentals have gone up in price as well as of late. I should invest in my own equipment one of these days when I have the money.
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I spent the day in Tampa Bay and it was crazy fun

I would not consider myself to be an outdoorsy or adventurous person.

I enjoy playing video games and I don’t mind sitting in front of the computer all day.

When my dad came to Tampa to visit me for the first time, he wanted to enjoy some of the local sights. I suggested a couple of indoor events and venues like the aquarium and a few museums. My dad wanted to go fishing in Tampa Bay. I honestly didn’t think it would be a lot of fun. I wasn’t excited about spending the day in the heat. The weather forecast was for 95° temperatures on the day that my dad and I set sail. The boat did not have an air conditioner. The only place that was comfortable was out on the deck when the boat was moving. There was a very nice breeze. It wasn’t AC, but it was pretty nice. My dad had a lot of fun catching fish in Tampa bay and the water was clear blue that day. I actually had a pretty good time too. I didn’t expect to have as much fun as I did. For the first time in my life, my dad and I actually enjoyed doing something that was interesting to both of us. I’ll never forget the trip that my dad made to Tampa to see me that summer. It was one of the last times that I ever saw my dad alive. He passed away a couple of years later and we never knew that he was sick. Most people in the family think he knew something wasn’t right, but we will never really know what he was thinking.
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The call came in just before six

A customer contacted the Phoenix HVAC repair business and I was the person routing calls at the time.

  • The customer told me that she was having trouble with the HVAC unit in her home.

Her residence was only a few minutes away from the business, but it was technically 6 and I was supposed to charge her and after our service fee. Since the call technically came in before 6, I told the customer that I would send an HVAC repair technician to her Phoenix neighborhood to help. My boss saw the bill for the repair the next day and he wanted to know why I did not charge the customer before and after our service. I told my boss the story about the time and the fact that she technically contacted the business before 6 pm. My boss acted like I was trying to steal from the company. He asked me if I knew the person and he wanted to know if I gave out any other discounts since I have been working at the Phoenix HVAC service provider. I was honestly shocked and a little surprised by the guy’s behavior. The customer had nothing but good things to say about the service and we earned a new customer that will absolutely call us back when they have problems with the heating and cooling system. Even after the full explanation, my boss still acted crappy about the $75 after hour service fee. I think I made the right call, even if I got some flack from the boss. That customer will definitely call us again.


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