I come from a huge family on an Illinois farm

Before I drive out to the farm for a family reunion, I always make a pit stop at a cannabis dispensary to load up on supplies for the weekend

I have a very big family. My mother was raised on a farm. As was the custom of the time in the 30s and 40s, farmers tended to have big families with lots of kids. This provided an ample source of labor for the farm. My mother was one of seven children, but during her teenage years a family tragedy caused them to take in four more cousins to live with them. That was 11 kids under one roof, and over the years most of them remained very close. When the family holds a reunion once a year, on the old farmland in rural Illinois, it’s always a huge event. All of those 11 kids ended up with families of their own, and most of those families live right here in Illinois. I moved to Chicago some years ago, which really feels like it’s on a different planet from the rest of Illinois. Although medical cannabis is legal throughout all of Illinois, it always seems hard to find a good dispensary outside of Chicago. In the city I have access to a half a dozen great cannabis dispensaries within a few blocks of my apartment. Before I drive out to the farm for a family reunion, I always make a pit stop at a cannabis dispensary to load up on supplies for the weekend. My favorite part about going to the family reunions is the long drive to the most remote parts of Illinois. With the endless fields of corn and soybeans, and the beautiful sunsets, Illinois is really pretty once you get outside of the city.



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The Breaking Bad tour of Albuquerque

When my husband pitched me the idea of taking our annual vacation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I was a little skeptical at first.

Unusually we take our holidays somewhere exotic and remote.

Beaches and islands are our favorite destinations, so a trip into the high desert of the midwest seemed like an odd choice. Ed told me about some really cool things he had discovered about Albuquerque, and he wanted to try them out. When he told me about the day-long Breaking Bad tour they have in Albuquerque my mind was changed, and I went “full measure” about this trip. If you don’t watch Breaking Bad you wouldn’t know that Full Measure is the title of the best episode of all time. In any event, I was stoked to visit Albuquerque just for the tour, and that was before I found out about the amazing cannabis dispensaries the city is known for. Breaking Bad was all about crystal meth, but the real heart and soul of Albuquerque is with tasty, harmless cannabis. If anything, I think the spin-off show Better Call Saul did a much better version representing what Albuquerque is really like. Our first day in Albuquerque we rented a hotel room, then went to a cannabis dispensary before getting absolutely ripped! The next day we took a few cannabis edibles and boarded the luxury tour bus that drove us all around Albuquerque visiting famous filming locations from Breaking Bad. All in all Albuquerque was one of the best vacations I have ever taken with my husband. I highly recommend it!

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Smoking weed in Los Angeles

In 1996 California voters adopted the Compassionate Care Act, making it the first state in the union to allow medicinal marijuana use. Being such a liberal state, it’s no surprise we were the first to change the law. It’s hard to believe that was roughly 25 years ago! In that time the laws have continued to change and evolve, and the local weed market has adjusted accordingly. I live in Los Angeles, where there are over 200 different cannabis dispensaries, so weed is a part of my daily life. I never need to buy cannabis in bulk, because no matter where I go in LA there is a cannabis dispensary nearby. One needs to be careful when visiting Los Angeles, however, because for every legal and licensed cannabis dispensary, there is one that is unlicensed. Most of the unlicensed dispensaries are still safe to use, but since Los Angeles offers so many legit ones there is no reason not to use them! Usually I visit the cannabis dispensary in person, despite the fact that cannabis delivery is very easy to find in Los Angeles. I have three different numbers saved to my phone that will deliver cannabis to my front door within an hour. Why pay the extra money for delivery fees and a tip for the cannabis driver, when Los Angeles has so many places to go that are within walking distance? Find a place to park in Los Angeles can be problematic, but when I have a cannabis dispensary just three blocks away, it’s easier and cheaper to go in person.
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Getting high in the Mile High City

The Mile-High City is indeed a great place to get high.

Trust me, I should know, as a professional sports writer I have traveled all over this country.

For the last fifteen years I have been a sports reporter and journalist, who writes a few books on the side. I have gone to every major city to take in World Series games, Super Bowls, and NBA Finals. Out of all the places I’ve been, I am always the most excited to come back to Denver. One day when I retire I might even settle down here, both for the rich sports environment and abundance of cannabis dispensaries. The first time I came to Denver was long before cannabis had been made legal. Even then there was a huge cannabis industry in Denver, but it was all done in secret. The main reason that cannabis was legalized in Denver, and throughout Colorado, was because there was already so much business happening that the government decided to take their fair share. It was a financial choice, not a moral one. If people are coming to Denver to spend millions of dollars on cannabis every year, the government wants a percentage of the profits. The results speak for themselves, because Denver parlayed that into a booming cannabis tourism industry. As much as I love the sports community in Denver, I have to say that cannabis has been a financial boon for this city. Denver is one of the cleanest and nicest cities you can ever visit, which is partly because of the extra revenue generated by cannabis dispensaries.


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