I fell in love with the city of Tampa

When I was 12 years old, my aunt and uncle moved to Tampa, Florida.

I was sad, because they moved 1000 miles away from our family.

It was my favorite aunt and uncle and I missed them a great deal. A few Summers after they moved to Florida, I decided to visit. I went to Tampa and stayed with them for a month. The first thing I noticed was the hot and humid temperatures. It was extremely warm and sunny. My aunt and uncle ran the air conditioner all day and all night and it was still very warm and muggy in the house. While I was visiting, my aunt took me to a lot of different places. We visited the Tampa Museum of Art and the Florida aquarium. Both of these places are close to each other, so we decided to see them on the same day. My aunt took me on a boat and we went all over the Hillsborough Bay. We caught some fish and we even found a couple of scallops in the water. I absolutely fell in love with the city of Tampa on my very first trip to the area. After I finished high school, I decided to move to Tampa. Living in the city is a lot different than visiting. When you have to deal with that heat and humidity everyday and pay for the expensive AC bills, the city loses some of its wonderful appeal. I don’t regret my decision to move, but I do wish it was milder during the summer days.

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The campground meeting center had a firepit that was cozy and warm

My co-workers and I were sent to a retreat for work. A new management company took over the operations and they felt the retreat was necessary. They wanted everyone in the company to be on the same page moving forward. A lot of us were unhappy about the corporate takeover. The retreat was supposed to make us a stronger team. I didn’t want to travel all the way to Denver in the middle of October. I thought we would spend our time freezing. I told my wife to come up with an excuse, but she didn’t want to get involved. When I found out that my co-workers and I would be staying at a campground, I was uneasy to say the best. We had six people in each cabin. The cabin was equipped with a small radiant heater, six bunk style beds, and a small bathroom with a sink and toilet. The entire retreat was set up like a campground from the 1970s. We had matching shirts and shorts and we spent the day enjoying outdoor activities like canoeing, hiking, and arts and crafts. The campground meeting center had a fire pit. There were a couple of cold and chilly nights in Denver, but my co-workers and I enjoyed sitting around the fire pit when the sun went down. I learned a lot of interesting facts about my co-workers. And I think the team building exercises were actually a huge success. I’m not sure I would have selected Denver for the location of the retreat, but it worked out well and the weather was not a factor at all.
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The floors of the bathhouse were actually heated

My wife and I have been traveling all over the country in our RV.

Sometimes the roads are very difficult to traverse.

The mountains are steep and the roads are narrow and winding. I often feel a great deal of anxiety, but I am thankful for medical marijuana. We recently visited Denver because they have recreational marijuana available. Our trip to the Denver area was a lot of fun. The weather was chilly, but not completely frigid. I honestly thought we would have snow everywhere by the middle of November, but I was pleasantly surprised by the mild weather and pleasant climate. While we were in Denver, we barely had to use the heat or air conditioning system at all. My wife and I enjoyed a lot of outdoor activities. Since the weather was comfortable and mild, we played a few rounds of golf. We visited one of the nearby ski resorts so we could check out the accommodations. There wasn’t any snow on the ground yet, but we we’re thinking about coming back through the area when it was much colder. I wanted to get an idea about the nicer places that were affordable and in our price range. Skiing is one of our favorite activities and we found a number of resorts where my wife and I can stay in our RV. Some are more expensive than others, like a place where the floors of the bath house were heated. The entire place had radiant heated floors and a heated pool and hot tub. The next time we come though Colorado, I’d love to stay at that local resort.

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Who doesn't like the Chicago Bears

Everyone in my family is a huge fan of the Chicago Bears.

My family likes all of the Chicago sporting teams, but football is the biggest sport in our family.

On football Sunday, everyone gathers in the living room so we can watch the game together. Everyone makes a snack and we all bring drinks. There is plenty of food and lots of fun. Even the kids get into the game. Everyone at work knows that I love the bears. A new guy named Jack started at the HVAC business and I met him for drinks last Tuesday. The new HVAC technician told me that he is a fan of the Jets. I wanted to get up and leave the table, but I tried to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. He seemed like a good guy, but the Jets are an awful team with terrible coaches and spoiled, entitled players. I wondered how a guy living in Orland Park could be a fan of the Jets. Jack told me that he did not grow up in Orland Park, Illinois. He actually lived in New Jersey for a long time. He only moved to Orland Park in the last couple of years because his wife got a job in Chicago. Since the new guy was not a native of the area, I decided not to give him a hard time about his football team. I did, however, tell the guy that I was going to do my best to get him to change to a Chicago Bears fan.



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